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Small Animal Models

Small Animal Models for Flexibility, Accuracy, and Affordability

Here at Buffalo Biolabs LLC in Buffalo New York, we understand that traditional study designs and larger animal research models are not always the right fit for your unique pharmaceutical product. Standard models may fail to address your specific endpoints or provide wrong or inaccurate data to support your marketing claims. Our small animal model experts will work closely with you in order to craft a custom study design or to choose an appropriate animal model that meets your needs while upholding regulatory compliance.


What’s more, when consulting on a prospective research strategy, our regulatory professionals may recommend a regulatory agency inquiry via an In Vivo study using a small animal model that addresses product safety and efficacy adequately, making the most of industry standards and guidance documents. We work with all of our clients closely and directly to quickly adjust to their needs, offering adaptability in our studies to make changes that suit the goals, study outcomes, and budgetary limitations in support of your product.

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