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In Vivo Research
Animal models, In Vivo Research

Humans and animals may seem quite different on the surface. But for many decades, scientists have appreciated their underlying similarities. Mammalian creatures ranging from monkeys to pigs to mice possess features that are virtually identical in many respects- or are at least analogous in a number of ways.

Here at Buffalo Biolabs we capitalize on these important biological similarities to develop and execute superior preclinical research for pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, biotech organizations and individual scientists. Our clients have exacting needs in terms of accuracy, robustness of data, and actionable results. We make a point of establishing unique partnerships with these clients in order to provide a personalized experience and top of the line results.

Your Project Director will coordinate your in vivo studies with our team of highly trained animal researchers with keen attention to detail.  Our animal researches are LVTs (Licensed Veterinary Technicians), AALAS (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science) accredited and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations governing the use of animals in research. Research animals are purchased only from Department of Agriculture approved vendors. All study protocols are designed following the recommendations of OLAW and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and are Institute Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)-approved. 

Animal models, in vivo research, oncology, CRO, toxicity testing

Learn more about the animal research at Buffalo BioLabs at the links below!

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