In Vivo Research

The Finest in In Vivo Research

Indispensable to the in vivo research process is the selection of appropriate study designs to ensure that your personalized study model promotes your success.


We employ a full scope of in vitro toxicity testing study models in order to obtain the right results and the most accurate end-point analysis of your product.


Our in vivo study designs include;


Treatment Administration

• Single/multiple dose

• Acute

• Subacute

• Subchronic

• Chronic



• Intravenous

• Oral

• Topical

• Intraperitoneal

• Subcutaneous

• Intramuscular

• Intranasal

• Oropharyngeal

• Intraorbital



• Clinical observations

• Survival

• Tumor measurements



• Available rodent surgery services



• Whole-body in vivo & tumor luciferase imaging


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