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Animal models, in vivo research, oncology, CRO, toxicity testing

In Vivo Research

Full Service In Vivo Research: For Complete, Accurate Results

The value of animal research for pre-clinical and non-clinical research has been invaluable to medical science for decades. Here at Buffalo Biolabs LLC in Buffalo New York, we work with rodents primarily for a number of reasons.


The genetic, behavioral, and biological characteristics of these animals are remarkably close to those of humans, at least for the purpose of offering valuable biological analogs. While it’s true that rodents are not the only viable human/animal analog, they are as accurate as any other and are the most economical choice. This is just part of how we keep our research overhead low in order to keep your costs low as well.


All, of our in vivo research is supervised by highly trained and professional veterinary technicians. These valued experts help to ensure that our work is humane, sanitary, and accurate.


Get in touch today to learn more about our innovative in vivo techniques and facilities.

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