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In Vitro Toxicity Testing

The Buffalo Biolabs LLC Standard for In Vitro Toxicity Testing

Here at Buffalo Biolabs LLC, we understand the importance of in vitro toxicity testing for your developing pharmaceutical products.


Our process includes;


Cytotoxicity cell viability proliferation assays

This process;

  • Assess the effect on growth and viability

  • Is performed in multi-well plates

  • Ranks candidates by drug effect strength

  • Renders numerous available readouts


Colony-forming and clonogenic assays

This process;

  • Evaluates colony growth while exposed to a toxic substance

  • Measures differentiation potential in response to various agents


Ex vivo PCMB assays

This process;

  • Includes a cytotoxicity assay in freshly prepared PBMCs

  • Examines critical blood cell parameters or cytokine levels



This is just one of our vigorous standards by which we work to ensure that your data is complete, actionable, and accurate. Our facilities are strictly routinized by fully accredited professionals in all applicable areas of expertise.


It’s all part of our promise to give you, namely: world-class results.

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