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Immunohistochemistry: Our Approach

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) combines immunological, biochemical and anatomical methods and techniques to image distinct components within tissues by employing appropriately-marked antibodies to specifically bind to target antigens in situ.


Using our approach to IHC, we have been able to visualize and record high-resolution distributions and localizations of particular cellular elements in cells and in their correct histological context.


Although there are numerous approaches and variations within general IHC methodology, the steps involved are separated into sample preparation and sample staining.


Our team of highly qualified researchers have perfected these procedures and techniques and have developed an impressive track record of success on the most challenging projects. Our connections with the scientists, researchers, and clinicians can help find solutions to your toughest questions through insight on study designs, assessments of the clinical relevance of your results, rendering disease-specific resources and more.


Visit us today online to learn more.

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