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Efficacy Testing

The Importance of Efficacy Testing

Developing new medical products is a long and perilous journey with many pitfalls along the way. Before a drug can be delivered to the commercial markets, clinical tests must be carried out to determine the effectiveness of the drug, the safety of the drug, and to establish any and all side effects.


Clinical trials must review or prove that the product produces the desired effect- or at least to revise expectations so that the drug can be marketed appropriately.


At Buffalo Biolabs LLC in Buffalo, NY- our efficacy studies are carefully designed to objectively check the performance of a given product.


To this end, we deliver personalized service, protocol development, and study reports that deliver according to your needs and your budget. We know how hard it is to bring new, life-saving drugs to market. Our goal is to make the process as pain-free as possible.

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