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Drug Development

Buffalo Biolabs LLC, Your Drug Development Partner

With the growing medical needs of today’s aging populations and the rapid lifestyle and dietary changes of many people all over the world, the need for new, powerful and innovative drugs is ever-growing.


That’s why, here at Buffalo Biolabs in Buffalo New York, we have dedicated our staff, our training, and our unique suite of tools and technologies to serving as your full-service drug development partner.


Our comprehensive list of support services include;

  • Project Management

  • Grants Preparation

  • Study Design Services

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Scientific Advisory Services

  • Grants Management

  • Scientific Writing

  • eCTD Compliant Study Reports


Our goal is to give you the answers you need to get on track, stay on track and meet your preclinical goals efficiently and economically. We offer both administrative & scientific expertise in grant preparation, study design, and so much more.


Visit us online today to learn more.

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