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Custom Assays

Identify Toxic Compounds Quickly With Custom Assays

We provide comprehensive services to develop custom assays to your target proteins. This includes labeled peptides, peptide-specific antibodies, and more. Our custom immunoassays enable real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of a therapy and variable responses due to adjustments in dosage.


Screening for hit identification is available. Hit-to-lead optimization includes hit validation and focused library screening.


In addition to our custom assays, we also offer;

• Target validation

• Screening services

• Reporter assays

• Anticancer assays

• Synergy models


Because your needs are unique, we will work with you to ensure your research needs or clinical goals are met with respect to your budget. Don’t waste time and effort with guesswork, when a custom or standard assay can identify toxic compounds early on in the process.


Visit Buffalo Biolabs LLC online today to learn more.

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