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Immunoassay Testing

Immunoassay Testing: A Versatile Detection Tool for Many Purposes

Immunoassay testing relies on biochemistry to quantify the presence of an analyte. Analytes can be proteins or antibodies produced as a response to an infection or foreign matter. They are very adaptable and can suit many applications depending on the needs of the end-user. The complex steps of immunoassay testing have been simplified for endpoint users.


IMMUNOASSAYS we use include;

• Quantitative fluorescence

• Neutralizing anti-drug & anti-drug antibody

• Antibody detection & immunogenicity

• Bridging and sandwich ELISAs

• Custom assay development


Today, immunoassays come in many formats depending on the target and the needs of the user. They can be used to detect targets in many different types of samples including plasma, whole blood, or saliva. Buffalo Biolabs LLC offers a range of immunoassay test types. Our immunoassays are designed to meet the needs of different end-users.


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