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Research Resources

Resources help to facilitate our research – making it more efficient & effective. A summary of both our standard and unique research tools are listed below. If you are interested in specific resources not listed here, please inquire at info@buffalobiolabs.com.

In Vivo Models

  • Commercially Available & Customer-Sourced Mouse and Rat Strains
  • Numerous Routes of Administration
  • Syngeneic and Xenograft Tumor Models
  • Orthotopic & Subcutaneous Transplantation
  • In Vivo & Tumor Growth Luciferase Imaging
  • Custom Model Development

All hands-on animal research is performed under an IACUC approved protocol by licensed veterinary technicians with research industry experience and AAALAC & IACUC accreditation.

Oncology Models

A list of our popular tumor models is included below. Custom development of additional tumor models is also available.

Xenograft Tumor Models

Subcutaneous and orthotopic transplantation is available.

  • H1975 (lung)
  • HepG2, Hep3B (heptocellular carcinoma)
  • FaDu, A253 (head & neck)
  • DLD-1, HCT116, SW620 (colorectal)
  • U87MG, A1207 (brain)

Syngeneic Tumor Models

Subcutaneous and orthotopic transplantation is available.

  • 4T1 (breast cancer)
  • A20 (hematological)
  • B16 (melanoma)
  • CT26 (colon)
  • MB-49 (bladder)
  • MOSEC, SKOV-3 Luc (ovarian)
  • TC-1 (head & neck)

Supportive Services

  • Statistical Analysis
  • FDA Compliant Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Scientific Writing