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Assays to facilitate our research can be instrumental to its success. A summary of both our standard and unique research tools are listed below.


Optimized systems for the performance of routine testing or the development of proprietary immunoassays.

  • Quantitative Fluorescent Assays including sandwich ELISAs
  • Antibody Detection & Immunogenicity Assays including Bridging ELISAs, a species-independent, highly specific and sensitive assay.
  • Anti-drug Antibody (ADA) Assays
  • Neutralizing Anti-drug Antibody (ADA) Assays
  • Custom Assay Development

Cell Based Assays

  • Reporter Cell Assay for Neutralizing Antibodies (Nab)
  • Reporter Cell-based Assays for Toll-like Receptor Ligands
  • Cell-based NF-kB Pathway Activation Assays
  • Lentivirus-based NF-kB Transcription Activation Assay

Production Services

  • Anti-viral Antibodies
  • Custom Protein-Specific Antibodies