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Owner & Senior Vice President, Research

Dr. Andrei Osterman joined Buffalo BioLabs as VP of Research in October 2013.

His close collaboration with Dr. Gudkov and other BBL research leaders started back in 2005 in the context of Cleveland BioLabs (CBLI) research operations.

Dr. Osterman’s Lab at Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute (SBMRI, La Jolla, CA), where he holds a Professor position, is focusing on genomics-driven target and drug discovery in the field of infectious disease and cancer.

In collaboration with CBLI and Dr. Gudkov’s Lab at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), Dr. Osterman and his colleagues developed an industrial process for production of CBLB502 (Entolimod), which was successfully implemented for GMP manufacturing of this novel biologics drug. They also contributed to the elucidation of the mechanism of action for this drug.

Through a more than 30 year career in Life Sciences, Dr. Osterman successfully combined his basic academic research with translational and industrial developments. Thus, prior to joining faculty at SBMRI in 2003, he was a Director and then a Vice President of Research at Integrated Genomics, Inc (starting in 1998), where he led a massive R&D effort on gene, pathway and target discovery in microbial pathogens. In 2011, Dr. Osterman accepted a position as VP of Research at CBLI. Jointly with Dr. Gudkov, he has provided scientific and operational leadership on a number of early stage drug discovery and drug development projects, mostly focusing on novel anticancer therapeutics.

Dr. Osterman’s accumulated experience and established professional network help him to continue in this co-leadership role within the framework of BBL, based on part-time engagement in combination with his synergistic academic work at SBMRI.